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Man sentenced to probation in alleged Valley Stream harassment case

Man sentenced to probation in alleged Valley Stream harassment case
A judge sentenced a Valley Stream man on Wednesday to three years of probation to cap off a case involving a yearslong dispute between the defendant and a next-door neighbor who put a sign on her fron

Judge Valerie Alexander also signed an order of protection on Wednesday prohibiting McEneaney, who is white, from any contact with complainant Jennifer McLeggan, who is Black."It’s been a very long journey to justice for Jennifer," McLeggan’s attorney, Heather Palmore, said in a phone interview."Valley Stream is a perfect example of what a diverse community should look like on the outside, but there are internal barriers for people who live in these communities that are not being discussed … I think Jennifer McLeggan is like a prototype or an example of the barriers that many Black and brown people who have settled on Long Island have had to deal with for decades," Palmore added.On Wednesday, McEneaney’s court-appointed attorney, Joe Megale, declined to comment after leaving the courtroom with McEneaney and Canarick.

"Stay away from her wherever she may be," the judge told McEneaney on Wednesday." Nassau District Attorney's Office spokesman Brendan Brosh said in a statement Wednesday that McEneaney's behavior "crossed the line from being a bad neighbor to criminal conduct.

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