World Socialist Web Site 02 Apr, 2021 04:45 am

Macron’s pandemic speech and the politics of “social murder”

Macron’s pandemic speech and the politics of “social murder”
The ruling elite in France and internationally refuses to take meaningful action to stop a new wave of COVID-19 deaths that is sweeping the globe.

” This policy was on full display on Wednesday evening, as 31 million people tuned in for French President Emmanuel Macron’s primetime speech on the upsurge of COVID-19 now devastating France and Europe.Such lockdowns dramatically slashed the spread of the coronavirus not only in France, but across much of Europe.Tens of millions of workers in France and across Europe are being brought face to face with the fact that the EU is implementing a policy of social murder.It is critical for workers to build their own rank-and-file safety committees in workplaces in France and across Europe, fighting for a lockdown to halt the contagion until the population can be vaccinated.

As France’s Medef business federation warned of “an extremely brutal shift in workers’ attitudes” and that management “can no longer continue production due to pressure from the workers,” Macron agreed to a strict, eight-week lockdown, closing schools and all nonessential production.Now, however, as thousands face a denial of lifesaving care in a wealthy European country, Macron is refusing to stop nonessential production and has closed schools for less than two weeks.

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