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Macron goes after online platforms, foreign ‘propaganda’ media – POLITICO

Macron goes after online platforms, foreign ‘propaganda’ media – POLITICO
The French president identified foreign powers and social media as causes for disinformation in a speech before the press corps.

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron says online platforms and foreign "propaganda" media are the main drivers behind the spread of disinformation in the country — and he wants to rein them in."Online platforms, influencers, and also citizens who sometimes take a considerable place in the public debate precisely through these new platforms .He added that researchers should have more access to "the data and algorithms" of online platforms — which is likely to become a reality via the EU's Digital Services Act, a content moderation bill currently being discussed in Brussels and one of France's priorities during its Council of the EU presidency.As Macron's La République En Marche party, public authorities and politicians prepare for an election campaign expected to be rife with disinformation, the French president hinted at a new approach toward foreign media, backing a peer review-like "self regulation" system whereby the press industry identifies "reliable media.

In recent years, the French president has usually used the annual address to the press to pitch new legislation related to media and information.Slamming Google, the French president said Paris would ensure the EU's copyright reform, which provides press publishers with so-called neighboring rights, is indeed effective — and won't shy away from doing more.

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