The Examiner 02 Jan, 2021 01:15 am

Lynn Youngblood

Lynn Youngblood
Your beautiful Christmas tree might be getting a little frazzled at this point, and the needles are starting to drop. It’s time to find the perfect place for recycling.

Many recycling centers use Christmas trees for chipped trails or landscaping in parks, or they may offer the chips back to local residents, use trees in ponds for fish habitat or for a host of other applications.Additionally, many garbage waste haulers will not pick up Christmas trees (which would only go in a landfill).I did a little homework and completed a list of local facilities that accept live Christmas trees.Many recyclers accept a limited number of Christmas trees annually.

Your beautiful live Christmas tree has been gracing your living room for several weeks spreading pine-scented fragrance and good cheer.Your Christmas tree can give them extra protection.

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