The Examiner 23 Dec, 2020 12:30 am

Luke Davis Christmas

Luke Davis Christmas
Many of the things I always look most forward to are different this year

The world will return to the way it was, and once again the joy and peace that we look to this day to provide will return in all their glory.Our “virtual families” can visit on Zoom, But we look to the day we can share the same room.At its essence, hope is what Christmas has always been about.Not unlike the lyrics of some of the songs mentioned earlier, these words help capture both the disappointment and the hope of Christmas in 2020: Tis the season of Christmas and all through our town The folks at John Knox are all under lockdown The Covid Pandemic is on everyone’s mind We pray that our fears will be soon left behind.

From the beginning, when the very hope of this world, Christ Jesus, was born in a lowly manger, the story of Christmas has always been a story of hope.In fact, some of our most beloved Christmas songs were written as a way to express the sadness many were feeling at that time.

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