22 Sep, 2020 03:45 am

Losing economic value

Losing economic value
LAHORE: Ordinary citizens most of whom are poor need protection from market imperfections, cartelisation, and leakages in the power and gas sectors.Reforms needed in these spheres have not been...

Sugarcane is purchased at low rates by sugar mills and sugar is marketed at very high rate.We have seen that some multinationals enter contract farming with the farmers by providing them quality seed and other inputs guaranteeing to buy back the commodity at lucrative prices decided beforehand.They supply the seed without quality assurance, some supply fertilisers, and pesticides at higher than the market rates.The only difference is that they exploit the small farmers (87 percent farmers have land holding of less than 12.

But fruits and vegetables do provide an opportunity to the farmers to sell their produce directly in different markets in the cities.They still do not get the real market price because fruits and vegetables are sold through auction in the wholesale markets.

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