The National Interest 23 Feb, 2021 23:45 am

Loon: America's Forgotten World War II Cruise Missile

Loon: America's Forgotten World War II Cruise Missile
Meet the "Loon."

Lightly damaged V-1s were rapidly transferred to the United States where their engines could be studied.Indeed, unlike with the V-2, the United States appropriated a technology without the direct assistance of German scientists.It is unclear whether the United States gave much consideration to the clear and premeditated violation of German intellectual property rights; the V-1 frame was manufactured by the German firm Fieseler and the engine by Argus Motoren.The United States prepared to launch the missile from air and naval platforms, including flying boats, four-engine strategic bombers, and aircraft carriers.

The strategic logic of using the cruise missiles in the final months of the war isn’t completely clear, given the utter command of the air that the United States enjoyed over Japan in the waning days of the war.None of these conditions for success existed in East Asia, where the United States held presumptive dominance.

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