World Socialist Web Site 23 Mar, 2021 03:45 am

Long COVID symptoms impact a significant number of people half a year after the acute phase of the infection

There is an urgent need for a registry and an international effort to study and treat this debilitating complication of COVID-19 infections.

What is remarkable is that chronic issues termed post-viral syndrome or Long COVID continue to plague many of them.However, approximately one-third will develop symptoms that typify what has been come to be known as Long COVID.A National Institutes of Health initiative was announced in late February that promised to study the cause of Long COVID.“If even a small proportion of the vast numbers of people infected with COVID-19 develop Long COVID syndrome, it represents a significant public health concern,” said Dr.

” A recent collaborative international study conducted between the UK and US cited by the NIH attempted to characterize Long COVID in an international cohort and its impact on daily life.A February report published in The Lancet, though encouraged by announcements that public health institutions were acknowledging the disease as a significant public health issue, cautioned that “guidelines must represent the complexity of Long COVID, including the areas where evidence is still emerging.

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