19 Sep, 2020 21:15 am

Living in the dystopian future

Living in the dystopian future
Is social media a blessing or a curse? Can we control it or is it controlling us now?

T he Social Dilemma is a fearsome, bleak documentary by director Jeff Orlowski that combines facts with fictive scenarios in 93 minutes to produce a damning critique of social media and society.There’s much discourse already when it comes to the power of social media; there’s a lot to be said about its necessity and its flip-side.According to Tristan Harris, a former design ethicist at Google and co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology, social media is both a curse and cure simultaneously.Several veterans of Silicon Valley weigh in with tales of good intentions from the early days of social media (prior to its own vastness) even as they paint a bleak picture of the current situation.

Your timeline is curated to become an echo-chamber for your preferred predilections, which basically means that if you’re bent towards conspiracy theories or right wing politics, social media will actively radicalize you even further.While social media platforms such as Facebook have been instrumental in helping spread misinformation and extremist politic messages, it does overlook the fact that countless other platforms that aren’t monetized also play a major role in spreading ‘false news’ and radicalizing the youth.

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