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Licensing delays are worsening Minnesota's nurse shortage

Licensing delays are worsening Minnesota's nurse shortage
Nursing school graduates have jobs lined up, but have to wait months to take required licensing exams.

If only the Minnesota Board of Nursing would clear her to take the licensing exam.Marcelius and others have had their nursing careers delayed by months because of a backlog at the nursing board.The nursing board's website includes a red-lettered warning that unprecedented application numbers have slowed its processing time." Kimberly Miller, the nursing board's executive director, did not reply to requests to discuss the delays.

Before clearing someone to take the licensing exam, the nursing board must receive a fee, conduct a criminal background check, and receive proof that a nurse received a degree from an accredited school.In addition to new nurses, the board is flooded with temporary permit applications from contract nurses who travel to Minnesota to cover worsening staffing gaps in hospitals.

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