27 Jan, 2021 17:30 am

Liberia: Time to Review and Recalibrate

-Pres. Weah

Weah said his administration is enjoying its third year of national governance and it's time for the government and employees to enforce the Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development for the betterment of the country and ordinary people.Reflecting on the immediate past year 2020, President Weah said it was challenging especially, with the battle against the global COVID-19 that saw the economy dropped drastically and that Liberia was not the only country hit with the downturn economy but the world at large.Commenting on the fight on corruption, President Weah said government is working with authorities of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission to create Criminal Court 'F' to exclusively try corruption cases.President Weah said will also submit a bill, seeking protection for gender and sexually abused victims.

President Weah in a relaxed mood mounted the stage following playing of the national anthem by the band battalion of the Armed Forces of Liberia.The grounds of the Capitol Building was graced by officials of government, partisans of both ruling establishment and the opposition, members of the diplomatic corps, international partners, Liberians, members of the Liberian Legislature and authorities of the Judiciary branch to listen toPresidentWeah's 4th Annual Message, which covers revenue and expenditure for the year ended, and the legislative agenda for the coming period.

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