23 Feb, 2021 09:00 am

Liberia: No Room for Corrupt Individuals

-Wilmot Paye

Doe, National Vice Chair for Administration and Finance; Alphonso D.National Vice Chair for Operation; Carlos Tingbah Edison, Secretary General; Stephen Vorkpor, Assistant Secretary for Press and Propaganda, Israel Mayou, Assistant Vice Chair for Recruitment, and Christina Christopher, Acting National Vice Chair for Administration and Women League, respectively.No political party, alliance or coalition, however "good" the intentions may be, can present itself as a viable alternative if it fails and/or refuses to hold its own members and leaders accountable for their evil deeds and conduct," Paye continues."If you are in a political party that has failed to live up to your expectations, wherein the leaders say one thing and does another; if your party has taken your allegiance for granted, focusing only on wrongs done by others while tolerating or justifying internal ills, come and make The People's Liberation Party your home.

Meanwhile, the head of Liberia's newest political party Dr.p Conservative Liberian politician and chairman of the newly established People's Liberation Party Wilmot Paye, says the opposition environment is not a waiting room for corrupt individuals to regroup or conspire to unseat another group.

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