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‘Let’s protect, defend our sovereignty’

‘Let’s protect, defend our sovereignty’
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Cde Mfecane of the Varakashi4ED Information Department, encouraged Zimbabweans to follow in the footsteps of all the heroes and heroines that sacrificed their lives for freedom.“As we recognise our heroes, both living and departed, our champions who fought for our freedom, who gave their all including their lives for our countrymen to enjoy the different freedoms we enjoy today, we must duly recognise that what they fought for is at risk of being lost if we neglect our collective duty of standing with our defence forces in protecting and defending our sovereignty,” Cde Mfecane said.“Let’s go beyond our personal comforts and wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of national heroism for the greater good of our country as we build our country brick by brick leaving no one and no place behind,” added Cde Mfecane.Chronicle Reporter THE freedom that the country’s heroes fought for is at risk of being lost if people do not protect their sovereignty, Varakashi4ED has said in a statement.

“We are pleased and grateful that through #EDWORKS, the ethos, aims and objectives our heroes fought for are being upheld and fulfilled by ED led Second Republic towards a sustainable #Vision2030 through @NDS1 economic blueprint.The movement urged Zimbabweans to emulate both fallen and living liberation heroes and join the nation in defending, protecting and guarding jealously the country’s territorial integrity which came at a heavy prize.

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