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Lessons Wall Street Journal fails to learn from China's COVID-19 fight-Xinhua

Xinhua Commentary: Lessons Wall Street Journal fails to learn from China's COVID-19 fight-

Given the strong resilience of the Chinese economy, economists agree that main factors supporting China's economic growth, such as retail sales of consumer goods and industrial added value, haven't altered, and the country remains a magnet for foreign investment.Still and all, though the Journal has summarized numerous "lessons" about China, many of them have nothing to do with genuine insights into the Chinese economy or other aspects of the country, but merely fueled unfounded fears.By contrast, the Chinese economy has ever since expanded three times." On Tuesday, a WSJ editorial on "lessons from China's COVID lockdowns" nagged foreign companies to "minimize their exposure to China's political vagaries or risk more business trouble ahead.

Sadly, since the onset of the pandemic, the Journal has missed important lessons from China's valuable experience in fighting the virus.When several Chinese cities, including the financial hub of Shanghai, were wrestling with the Omicron resurgence, the dynamic zero-COVID policy, though bringing some instant impacts, will help reinforce China's economic fundamentals in the long run instead.

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