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Lawyer killed COVID-positive wife in Christmas murder-suicide

Lawyer killed COVID-positive wife in Christmas murder-suicide
A well-known Connecticut divorce lawyer killed his wife, who had coronavirus, before turning the gun on himself on Christmas Day.

John Liquori, 59, fatally shot Cindy Liquori, 55, before shooting and killing himself Friday at the home of Cindy’s mother in Windsor Locks, about 15 miles north of Hartford, the Hartford Courant reported Monday.Authorities were told that Cindy had COVID-19 and John may have had it, said Windsor Locks Detective Sgt.Just two weeks before she was killed, Cindy, who owned Cindy’s Soap Cottage, also in Windsor Locks, spoke to the town’s Patch about adapting her business model to fit the needs of the pandemic.Shortly before the murder-suicide took place, John called Cindy’s brother, requesting he come by Palmer’s home to pick up her dogs.

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