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Latter-day taint: Mormon church calling out prejudices

Latter-day taint: Mormon church calling out prejudices
The Mormon church has added a new section to its handbook that calls for eradicating all prejudices.

The Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City.Another book of Mormon has gotten a revision.” The book also states that one’s standing with God should be based on devotion, not skin color.“Members of the church should lead out in promoting respect for all of God’s children.

” Ohio court ruling favors transgendered individuals altering birth certificates » The update parallels a more strict tone church leaders have been trying to strike against racism in recent years, explained Mormon studies professor Paul Reeve.Most Read Although the church disavowed the Black suppression in a 2013 essay — stating it was the product of an era of intense racial strife that influenced early teachings — it has yet to offer a formal apology.

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