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Lady Gaga Swarmed By Flies While Filming 'House of Gucci'

Lady Gaga Swarmed By Flies While Filming 'House of Gucci'
Lady Gaga is buzzing after revealing she was swarmed by flies on the set of 'House of Gucci.' See why she believes they were a message sent from Patrizia Reggiani.

Skip to main content Lady Gaga believes Patrizia Reggiani — who Gaga portrays in House of Gucci — sent swarms of flies to follow her around and torment her while she was making the film.In the film, Gaga portrays the larger-than-life character by offering up Italian glamour, 54 different hairstyles, and an Italian accent layered thicker than nonna's lasagna.But on the last day of filming, Gaga received a clear message that it was time for her to return to her true self once again.The unusual experience was the catalyst for Gaga to unravel her Italian character and rediscover her true self once again.

Is it a bad omen if a swarm of flies invades you?According to World Birds, if a swarm of flies visits or follows you, it's a message that you must pay attention to anything that's causing harm, malice or hate.

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