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Kevin Fitzpatrick on Philly's startup scene: 'There isn't much of one'

Kevin Fitzpatrick on Philly's startup scene: 'There isn't much of one'
This is Exit Interview, a weekly interview series with someone who has left Philadelphia, perhaps for another country or region or even just out of city

But in June 2010, Fitzpatrick packed up with his girlfriend and moved to San Francisco.What are the primary reasons you left CIM for San Francisco?I ended up in San Francisco because it was a place my girlfriend and I had always wanted to live and I ended up finding a good fit at Pivotal Labs, a consultancy out here.When someone you meet in San Francisco asks about Philadelphia and its startup community, what do you tell them?

Companies: Pivotal Labs People: Kevin Fitzpatrick -30- Professional Development | philly There’s a new professional group dedicated to growing Philly’s insurtech industry Startups | philly RealLIST Startups: Meet the 2023 class of most promising Philly tech companies Startups | philly Well City Challenge is back, with a call for community-driven health projects Startups | philly Sena Health just closed a seed round, but a change in home healthcare law is prompting more fundraisingI also want to make the distinction between the tech community and the startup community.

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