29 Jan, 2021 09:00 am

Kenya: I Go Where There's No Path and Leave a Trail

Kingwa Kamencu declared she would run for the presidency in the 2013 Kenyan Presidential election. She was 27, and the youngest candidate to have declared interest in the seat. Today, she runs two organisations: Blackstar Media and Culture and Communication in Development (CCID).

The programme came after a period of introspection, which she found herself in after she independently went her way." With this clear mindset, the programme came not only to enhance the aspect of mentoring and networking but also provided a clear direction to systems, structures and processes, which as CEO and founder, enabled her to steer the wheels of her organisation.And for free spirits, our heads are in the cloud and our feet are not on the ground.But you cannot get anything done unless your feet are on the ground.

"The problem lies in the wider society.Women should be respected in the wider society.

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