28 Jan, 2021 06:45 am

Kenya: Company Loses Steers and Debonairs Franchises

Ever since South African fast food brands Steers and Debonairs set foot in Kenya, Azam Samanani has represented their brands through his Hoggers Ltd.

Steers and Debonairs are owned by South Africa's Famous Brands.On April 24, 1997, Famous Brands partnered with Mr Samanani's Hoggers Ltd to ensure that Steers and Debonairs rule the fast food industry.Last week, Mr Samanani's 23-year run came to an end when Justice David Majanja allowed South Africa's Famous Brands to reclaim and operate Steers and Debonairs eateries across the country.Hoggers had seven separate franchise agreements with Famous Brands that were to see the former operate Steers and Debonairs branches until February 28, 2024.

Interestingly, Famous Brands is also among Hoggers' creditors, as the latter had failed to remit monthly royalties totalling Sh6.Famous Brands' relationship with Mr Samanani has been frosty for the past four years.

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