26 Jan, 2021 06:30 am

Kenya: Anglican Church Tears Into 'Hustler-Dynasty' Politics

The political class has come under stinging criticism from the Anglican Church over the unfolding politics of division gaining traction in the country.

The Rev Wainaina warned that the emerging class and tribal politics carries the danger of dividing Kenyans along ethnic and class lines unless swift action is taken to remedy the situation.In a bare-knuckle sermon on Sunday, the Rev Wainaina cited the "hustler-dynasty" narrative propagated by DP Ruto as a ticking time bomb that could explode any time.Currently the church is silent on what is going on in the country but I will speak even if I am the lone voice," said the Rev Wainaina.Symbol of national unity The Rev Wainaina said President Kenyatta has failed to make the presidency be seen as the symbol of national unity with his statement that two communities cannot rule Kenya forever and that it is time for leaders from other tribes to lead the country.

BBI to benefit a few At the same time, the Rev Wainaina tore into the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), saying it will not make the country better as it is only meant to benefit a few people at the top who are hell-bent on sharing political seats.The Anglican provost said the false claim being peddled by some politicians that the poor are actually poor because their neighbours, who are relatively less poor, have stolen from them, is fuelling violence against the latter.

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