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Ken Jennings apologizes for appalling tweets

Ken Jennings apologizes for appalling tweets
"Jeopardy!" super contestant Ken Jennings has apologized for some previous insensitive tweets.

Tasteless tweets written by game-show whiz Ken Jennings could put his chances of landing a dream job in jeopardy." guest host Ken Jennings, a 74-time champion of the popular quiz show, has owned up to tasteless tweets.” 'Jeopardy' primetime episodes featuring Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer among 2020's top-ranked programs » In November, it was announced that Jennings would serve as an interim “Jeopardy!(AP) And in 2017, Jennings engaged in a Twitter feud with President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

“I will kill as many white rhinos as it takes to prove my masculinity to Donald Trump Jr.The following year, he callously cracked on “Star Wars” superfan and cancer patient Daniel Fleetwood, who was the first person to view a screening of “The Force Awakens.

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