The Examiner 19 Dec, 2020 13:00 am

Ken Garten eviction moratorium

Ken Garten eviction moratorium
To put in place policies that require landlords to simply accept that their tenants don’t have to pay is not the fair or proper way to address the issue.

And when the government takes away their means to enforce their right to collect rent their tenants agreed to pay when they moved into the landlord’s premises, the practical effect is to reach into the pockets of residential property owners to finance their non-paying tenants.And while government assistance to those in need is not bad policy per se during these unprecedented times, to effect such policies on the backs of landlords and property owners is not the way to go about it.But that’s effectively what happens when the government addresses the issue by imposing a moratorium on the enforcement of tenants’ legal obligations to the property owners whose property they inhabit.Our government and charitable organizations have systems in place to soften the blow to many during these unprecedented times with food pantries, unemployment compensation, stimulus checks and forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loans to businesses.

When it comes to feeding the hungry, we have food stamp and welfare programs, and food pantries that are supported by government and charitable organizations.Local courts and the federal government policies that have been put in place have allowed non-paying tenants of rental housing to quit paying rent to landlords for months on end, without consequence.

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