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Kansas City Star apologizes for racist coverage

Kansas City Star apologizes for racist coverage
One of the largest and oldest regional newspapers in the U.S. apologized on Sunday for decades of racist coverage that go back more than a century to its roots 140 years ago.

“The Kansas City Star prides itself on holding power to account,” wrote editor Mike Fannin in a letter to readers introducing a six-part package of stories shining light on issues that were missed, downplayed or miscast since the paper’s founding in 1880.“Today we hold up the mirror to ourselves to see the historic role we have played, through both action and inaction, in shaping and misshaping Kansas City’s landscape.6, 2007 file photo, a customer buys The Kansas City Star from a vending machine in downtown Kansas City, Mo.(Charlie Riedel/ASSOCIATED PRESS) After a suggestion by reporter Mará Rose Williams, a team of the paper’s journalists scrutinized the paper’s own coverage and that of its onetime sister paper, The Kansas City Times.

The package also include stories about how Black people were routinely overlooked unless they were involved in crime; the decades that Kansas City schools broke federal desegregation law, with nary a peep from The Star, and about the way the newspaper propped up white-only neighborhoods.Most Read Nor were Black Kansas City residents the only ones deprived.

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