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Kamala Harris’s groundbreaking path to the White House

Kamala Harris’s groundbreaking path to the White House
How Harris got where she is, and where she’s likely headed, is the subject of Dan Morain’s “Kamala’s Way.” From the start, he explains, it’s been a complicated path, mixing principles and pragmatism, idealism and ambition.

Kamala Harris volunteering at a Thanksgiving service at Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco while campaigning to be the city's district attorney on Thursday, Nov.Also helpful was a relationship with Willie Brown, then State Assembly Speaker, later San Francisco Mayor.San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen described Harris as the “new first-lady-in-waiting.” Kamala Harris (right) taking the oath of office as San Francisco District Attorney on Jan.

She was elected District Attorney of San Francisco in 2004; after serving two terms, she was elected twice more as Attorney General of California.Then San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris arriving at the City Hall election office Wednesday, Nov.

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