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Kabelo Mabalane dragged for his involvement with the #NoExcuse campaign

Kabelo Mabalane's past has been in the spotlight since he announced his involvement with the #Noexcuse campaign

TshisaLIVE 25 November 2021 - 15:00 Kwaito legend turned pastor Kabelo Mabalane.Kwaito legend turned pastor Kabelo Mabalane announced on his social media accounts that he was part of the launch of the #NoExcuse campaign this year.” TshisaLIVE has reached out to Kabelo Mabalane but he was not available by the time of publish.Kabelo Mabalane is not supposed to be a face of GBV according to some woke people here,now my question is isn't better other abusers hear from someone who went through the same route and willing to change?

Mo,bae lahlile shame🤞🏿 — Dipuo tsa Badimo | #SpiritFindsYouWhereYouAt (@Thosi43314438) November 25, 2021 Big up to Kabelo Mabalane for having found the strength to deal with his past and stand up against #GBV.— kholo💞 (@KholofeloFelo1) November 25, 2021 Every admission of guilt by default must be accompanied by an authentic apology,that's standard.

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