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Just Who Is Nope's Brandon Perea?

Just Who Is Nope's Brandon Perea?
A big yep to the 'Nope' star's red carpet looks

Scarier still: the red carpet that comes with such a highly anticipated release.On the contrary, the 27-year-old has hit the red carpet like a veteran, and in the stuff that's far more exciting than the stuff of veterans (sure, navy suits are fine at premieres, but they're just that: fine).Prior, the American actor went full city cozy boy on a Provençal pottery course.Cozy boy back home after the Provençal pottery course.

Then, once you're on-set, dazzling in front of a weeping director and being told to really feel it, there's another trial by fire on the campaign trail.At a Nope screening on the campaign trail's London stop, Perea did slouchy and casual and comfortable.

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