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Jury convicts man in Floral Park jewelry heist

Jury convicts man in Floral Park jewelry heist
A jury convicted a Brooklyn man Tuesday of carrying out a Floral Park robbery heist in a verdict that came after two deadlock notes during four days of deliberations. Jurors found Justice Brunson, 43,

The witness said Brunson and Davis came in behind her the next day with guns after she returned to pick up the bracelet and was buzzed inside the store’s locked door multiple times.Brunson and Davis ordered employees to the floor at gunpoint before taking jewelry and wristwatches, according to the prosecutors.She said evidence that included texts between Davis and Brunson, phone records, surveillance video and Payton’s testimony proved Brunson’s guilt.Jurors found Justice Brunson, 43, was one of two masked gunmen who burst into a Woodbine Court jewelry store four years ago before making off with more than $80,000 in valuables.

They said village police arrived quickly after the store’s owner was able to hit a panic alarm, and arrested Payton at the scene.Cooperating government witness Keisha Payton, 28, testified that she visited the store the day before the crime, posing as a customer by dropping off a bracelet for repair while helping Brunson become familiar with the scene.

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