20 Sep, 2020 05:00 am

Johnson urged to act ‘sooner than later’ to curb virus surge

Johnson urged to act ‘sooner  than later’ to curb virus surge
LONDON: Ministers need to act “sooner rather than later” if they are to prevent a new surge in coronavirus cases leading to more deaths, a scientist has warned.Professor Neil Ferguson...

”Meanwhile, Labour has joined the Scottish and Welsh governments in calling on the Prime Minister to summon a meeting of the government’s Cobra civil contingencies committee — which has not met since May — to consider the worsening situation.”The Prime Minister remains desperate to avoid another full national lockdown which would hit the economy hard just as activity is beginning to pick up again.Speaking to reporters during a visit to Oxford on Friday, Johnson said it is clear the long-feared second wave of the pandemic has reached the UK and some additional measures are likely to be necessary.“We are now seeing a second wave coming in.

“We have in some sense a perfect storm right now of people, as they have been told to, getting back to normal, schools reopening, a surge in cases, so therefore the testing system is under strain.Deputy leader Angela Rayner told the Today programme: “He has to look at the science and the evidence and he has to make sure the measures are in place and a clear communications strategy on that so people can do the right thing.

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