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Job changers: Let’s talk about transferable skills in STEM

Job changers: Let’s talk about transferable skills in STEM
A data pro and mentorship experts advises earlier-stage professionals, or anyone looking for a new role: Focus on your critical thinking, communication and project management skills.

Transferable skills are industry or role agnostic.Before we get into details of some of the top transferable skills in STEM in 2023, I want to make one thing clear: We all have transferable skills.Some of the top transferable skills that companies are looking for: If you can question an ongoing process and identify a potential waste in the process (cost or time) while providing a more efficient solution, you possess a certain level of critical thinking.These are a few of the many transferable skills that you possess right now.

For instance: As integration between products and services increases in tech, identifying and leveraging our transferable skills becomes crucial as well.Pro tip: While building your resume or interviewing for a role, make sure to use the STAR method — situation, task, action and results — to lay out how and why you made a specific process more efficient in your previous role.

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