20 Sep, 2020 05:00 am

Jim Kenyon: Lebanon double-voting case stems from a ‘double life’

Jim Kenyon: Lebanon double-voting case stems from a ‘double life’
Since his arrest earlier this month for allegedly voting twice — once as a man, once as a woman — during the 2016 presidential election in Lebanon, Vince Marzello has slipped into survival mode.“I’m laying low,” Marzello told me on Thursday. “Except...

After Veritas’ story came out, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office charged Marzello with wrongful voting — a felony that carries a prison sentence of up to seven years.Under New Hampshire election laws, a person who doesn’t have a photo ID and is unfamiliar to officials working the polls is required to sign a “challenged voter affidavit” before entering the voting booth.(Marzello told me that he didn’t find out until later that their conversation was secretly videotaped, which is legal in Vermont but not in New Hampshire.Marzello wasn’t part of a grand scheme in New Hampshire to tip the 2016 president election in Clinton’s favor (she won the state by 2,700 votes, or 0.

New Hampshire State Police began looking into whether Marzello had double voted long before Veritas entered the picture.13, 2019, Helen Ashley showed up at the DMV office in Newport to obtain a New Hampshire Voter Identification Card, according to state records.

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