18 Oct, 2020 03:45 am

Jim Kenyon: Dismas House feels like home

Jim Kenyon: Dismas House feels like home
After a brief stint in prison last fall on a drug possession conviction, Jeff Lockyer hoped to move back into his old apartment in Wilder.Lockyer’s parole officer asked his landlord if he wouldn’t mind taking him back. The landlord “decided he would...

But before he went that route, his parole officer had an idea: What about Hartford Dismas House?The 11-bed Hartford Dismas, which opened six years ago in Hartford Village, provides men and women just out of Vermont prisons with an affordable, supportive place to live while they get back on their feet.Hartford Dismas’ annual dinner and auction, which attracts sellout crowds of 250 people or more, was planned for springtime.Hartford Dismas was counting on the event bringing in roughly $60,000 — nearly 25% of its annual operating budget.

On a smaller scale, Kristi Saunders, a physician who serves on Hartford Dismas’ governing board, suggested auctioning off a handcrafted quilt.Jim Kenyon.

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