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Janet Hubert blasts ‘privileged’ Lori Loughlin for short prison stint

Janet Hubert blasts ‘privileged’ Lori Loughlin for short prison stint
Aunt Viv is mad as a Mickey Fickey about Aunt Becky’s light prison stint.

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” alum Janet Hubert blasted fellow ’90s star Lori Loughlin on Twitter on the day the former “Full House” cast member was released from federal prison.Lori Loughlin and Janet Hubert (Getty/AFP via Getty Images) Loughlin, who gained fame as Aunt Becky on the popular ABC sitcom, had served less than two months behind bars for her involvement in last year’s college admissions scandal.Lori Loughlin .[More Snyde] ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ delays return because of California COVID surge p In another post, Hubert — famously axed from her integral role on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” after three seasons — brought Wesley Snipes’ prison sentence for tax evasion into context.

#donnottestme” Over the past year, memes have circulated on Twitter comparing actress Felicity Huffman, who served an even shorter prison sentence for her involvement in the college admissions scandal, to McDowell.“Wesley did some real time,” she tweeted on Dec.

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