The Examiner 07 Jan, 2021 12:15 am

Jackson County

County spending for the year is set at $341.66 million, down about $19 million, or 5.3 percent, from 2020.

” In particular, Schulte said, pay needed attention in the public administrator’s office and for appraisers in the Assessment Department.“And we hope that will help us make it easier to recruit trained staff and lower turnover that we’ve historically witnessed in those two departments,” Schulte said.“My argument is I think you’re now at a pretty good pay scale,” Schulte said.” But Schulte said that also means the county will be hiring less and doing so more judiciously.

Schulte said the county has done a good job of building up reserves, which has meant a better credit rating, which means lower interest rates when the county borrows money.“Your reserve numbers are good,” Schulte said, “but the trend is not good long term.

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