The Examiner 13 Jan, 2021 23:00 am

Jackson County Missouri state auditor

Overall, she gave the county a rating of “fair,” next to the bottom on a four-step scale from the auditor’s office.

The 2019 report, the audit says, left out some of the properties that should have been listed.“It is essential the county closely monitor the maintenance of assessment records and data, the implementation of the new computer-assisted appraisal system, the reassessment services for the biennial reassessments, and the training of staff to ensure effective and efficient future reassessments,” the audit says.” “The county should reevaluate the lease agreement … because the property has not been repaired and redeveloped as intended,” the audit says, adding that in its current state “the property does not provide a benefit to county residents.The audit also says part of the 2019 deal for the city to step in remains unresolved.

“The county does not fully comply with the Sunshine Law or County Code provisions establishing procedures for Sunshine Law requests,” the audit says.The county counselor doesn’t have procedures to ensure all Sunshine Law requests are submitted to his office “for review and assistance with compliance,” the audit says, though the counselor told state auditors that about 95 percent of all Sunshine Law requests to come to his office.

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