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it's not for why you might think – HotAir

it's not for why you might think – HotAir
Was it a sense of duty to do his job?

Harold Dutton of Houston is one of the longest-serving members of the Texas House.Dutton has been in the Texas House since 1984.“He was not, however, one of the 57 members who signed a letter last week when we left [Austin], instructing the journal clerk at the Texas House of Representatives to lock our voting machines until we returned.Dutton also objects, he said, to the bill’s prohibition on experiments to expand participation, such as Harris County’s allowance last fall of drive-through voting and 24-hour voting at a few locations.

The pandemic is over and voting rule exceptions should not be kept as though there is a need for 24-hour voting.Dutton was censured by the Harris County Democrat Party in May.

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