NZ Herald 30 Apr, 2021 00:30 am

'It's about prioritising life,' says patients advocate

'It's about prioritising life,' says patients advocate
The number and cost of desired extra medicines has been released for the first time.

While the funding gap has also grown steadily over that time, Pharmac has not made any strong movements towards the Government to increase its budget." Despite requiring such a large budget increase, Mulholland said there was money around, it just came down to priorities." Mulholland said he'd like to see Pharmac take its transparency even further and publish the full list of medicines it is seeking.In March, the Government announced an independent review, to be completed by December, focusing on the timeliness and transparency of Pharmac's decisions, but not its funding.

Photo / Mark Mitchell Pharmac's wish list has revealed a shortfall of more than $400 million, sparking calls for a funding review of the government drug-buying agency."The Government may throw Pharmac a bone in the budget, but these figures show the reason why funding should be part of the review.

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