07 Jan, 2021 20:15 am

Is Apple Still On Track For $150?

Is Apple Still On Track For $150?
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9 high as (grey) minute wave-i, but minute wave-ii did not bottom on November 10, 2020, at $114.This marginal lower low only slightly adjusted the (grey) minute wave-iii, iv, and v targets.79 and, 3) corrected to yesterday’s low for what I have labeled as a (grey) minute wave-iv.AAPL daily candlestick chart with technical indicators and preferred Elliott Wave count: p Thus, AAPL has so far adhered almost picture-perfect to the ideal/text-book Fibonacci-based EWP count for (grey) minute waves-ii, iii, iv.

Therefore, it is only logical to assume minute wave-v will continue to do the same: adhere to the text-book Fibonacci-based EWP count and target $142-143.Thus, if yesterday’s low holds, I continue to expect AAPL to adhere to the Fibonacci-based EWP count and reach the low $150s before a much larger correction ensues.

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