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Iowans could recall elected officials

Iowans could recall elected officials
Iowa voters would have the potential to recall an elected official under a proposed amendment that advanced in the Iowa Senate on Tuesday.

A group of at least 50 landowners from across Iowa, including those whose property lies in the path of carbon-capture pipelines proposed to be built in the state, descended on the state Capitol to urge lawmakers to pass legislation that would curtail opportunities for companies to do so using eminent domain, which allows a company to force easements for right of way with compensation.Jeff Taylor, R-Sioux Center, and a handful of other Republican lawmakers who have put forward, support or are drafting legislation that would limit the use of eminent domain for hazardous liquid pipeline companies, limit their ability to conduct land surveys and negotiate easements for that land and require them to identify their investors.Only one of them — Wolf, whose pipeline would include the ADM plant in Cedar Rapids — has said it does not plan to use eminent domain to acquire easements.Taylor filed a bill that would eliminate the use of eminent domain for their construction.

Failing that, another bill would require the companies to gain the permission of landowners for 90 percent of the route to enable the use of eminent domain for the remainder.Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird entered the state into a multistate lawsuit, led by Texas, that challenges a federal Department of Homeland Security program that authorizes migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela to settle in the U.

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