The College Fix 29 Dec, 2020 06:45 am

Iowa State U. rolls out renaming policy for past honorees now deemed ‘objectionable’

Iowa State U. rolls out renaming policy for past honorees now deemed ‘objectionable’
Consideration of Removing Names from University Property.'

” In an email to The College Fix, university spokeswoman Angie Hunt said the policy “provides a consistent, evidence-based, and historically thoughtful means by which to evaluate historical naming of university property.MORE: San Francisco School District to rename Abraham Lincoln High School IMAGE: Mark Carrel / Shutterstock Like The College Fix on Facebook / Follow us on Twitter p p pp p Iowa State University recently announced a new renaming policy to address concerns or complaints about university honorees deemed “objectionable” by the campus community.The “Consideration of Removing Names from University Property” policy, rolled out in late November, will be employed when a university honoree has “a history of actions or words that members of the Iowa State University community find objectionable,” according to the university.

ISU Students for the Advancement of Gender Equity as recently as 2016 asked to remove Catt’s name from Catt Hall, which holds the university’s Center for Women and Politics, the Ames Tribune petition directed to the Iowa Board of Regents, an agency that oversees three state universities, including ISU, to change Catt Hall’s name.

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