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Inside Rebecca Judd’s gross Mt Buller home fridge discovery

Inside Rebecca Judd’s gross Mt Buller home fridge discovery
Rebecca Judd got a nasty surprise when she was finally able to return to her luxurious holiday house in Mount Buller.

Picture: Instagram/BecJudd “I left some things in this fridge months ago and I’m scared about what I’m going to find when I open the doors, so here goes,” she said.Picture: Instagram/BecJudd Such as this very mouldy corn.Picture: Instagram/BecJudd The fridge also contained beer, a bottle of rose, containers of dip, a carton of eggs and several blocks of Cadbury chocolate bars and Caramilk — which she previously said are her all-time favourite from the range.Picture: Instagram/BecJudd Bec said she was supposed to return months ago after only a week, but lockdown meant she couldn’t return to it.

Picture: Instagram/BecJudd She shared a glimpse of the luxurious home in August which also includes a kitchen decked out with modern and minimal joinery, top-of-the-range appliances and a marble splash back and bench.Picture: Instagram/BecJudd Despite returning a negative results, kids had been unable to return to school until the 14-day isolation period had been met.

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