17 Mar, 2021 22:00 am

Inquiry told of binge drinking and inadequate care in VUW hall of residence

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March 18, 2021 Business, Education, Health, Latest Headlines, PressRelease Report from RNZ Students and parents have urged MPs to regulate universities’ halls of residence and introduce minimum standards for pastoral care.The committee is considering pastoral care and residents’ rights in student accommodation following complaints about how some halls of residence handled last year’s national pandemic lockdown.Another Victoria university student, Maia Ingoe, said her hall last year had inadequate pastoral care.The government introduced an interim code of practice for pastoral care of domestic students following the death of student Mason Pendrous in a hall of residence in 2019.

He said when there were problems with pastoral care they tended to be at privately-run halls rather than those that were run by universities.Universities New Zealand director Chris Whelan said it had set up a committee on student pastoral care and universities were standardising their contracts with accommodation providers and developing minimum standards for pastoral care.

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