World Socialist Web Site 26 Mar, 2021 02:15 am

Infections surge after Turkey’s “gradual normalization” in pandemic

Daily new cases of COVID-19 in Turkey have again reached 30,000, the highest level since December, due to “herd immunity” policies of the entire ruling elite.

1 million cases and 30,462 deaths, including at least 391 health care workers.The Turkish health care system faces collapse, as Izmir Medical Chamber chair Lütfi Çamlı told the daily BirGün, “Hospitals in Izmir are now at full capacity.” Referring to the impact of opening schools, Çamlı warned, “If urgent measures are not taken to stop the increase in cases and the number of cases cannot be reduced, it does not seem possible for the health care system to meet this demand.The pandemic, it added, shows “how harmful it is for public health to leave health care to the anarchy of the market via privatization policies.

Amid uncertainty on new vaccine supplies, health care workers went to social media and asked, “Where are the vaccines?As the World Socialist Web Site recently underlined, the defense of democratic rights, health care and lives requires the international mobilisation of the working class, based on a socialist program against the herd immunity policies of the ruling class.

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