HotAir 23 Feb, 2021 21:45 am

Infection rate among staff is lower than among the general community

Infection rate among staff is lower than among the general community

School staff have typically had higher rates — sometimes only slightly higher (84 daily cases per 100,000 for staff versus 81 for the general community in early January) and sometimes more so (43 per 100,000 in early November for staff, as the second wave was taking off, versus 32 for the community).Numbers: Community: 41 daily cases per 100,000 people School staff: 37 per 100,000 Students: 26 per 100,000 At the state level, the case rate among school staff in Texas was exactly the same as the community rate earlier this month (61 per 100,000) while in New York it was lower (37/100K versus 44/100K).History will marvel at the teachers unions refusing to do their jobs at a moment when the evidence suggests their members would be safer from COVID in school than the average joe out and about in their neighborhood is.” At least two different polls found Americans supportive on balance of how teachers unions have handled the pandemic on balance.

That data on teachers unions isn’t even the most depressing COVID-related polling this week.11-14 Quinnipiac University poll, 47 percent of adults believe that schools are reopening in their community at about the right pace; just 27 percent believe it’s not happening quickly enough88, and 18 percent think it’s happening too quickly.

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