Ghanaian Times ghanaiantimes.com.gh 24 Nov, 2021 15:45 am

Infantino: Qatar taking steps to improve workers welfare

Qatar is “taking real steps” to improve human rights and workers’ welfare, according to FIFA President Gianni Infantino.Staging the event in Qatar has led to criticism with reports of human rights abuses linked to the construction of venues.“What I see here is a country that is preparing to welcome the whole world, and every fan, but also looking into where improvements are needed and taking real steps to do so in many different areas, particularly in relation to human rights and workers’ welfare.” Qatar 2022 has also issued a report at the one-year-to-go milestone which underlines its responsibility to “ensure that human rights are respected in all activities associated with its operations”.

Organisers insist there had been a “major collective effort” from local authorities and the International Labour Organization to achieve wider legislative change in workers’ rights.Infantino made the statement as tournament organisers celebrate the one-year countdown to the World Cup, providing an update on preparations for the event.

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