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Incoming NYC mayor continues to anger progressives – HotAir

Incoming NYC mayor continues to anger progressives – HotAir
Still pushing for law and order

Ahead of a meeting with community leaders in Brooklyn to discuss the Big Apple’s epidemic of gun violence, Adams — who narrowly won last week’s Democratic primary — decried the city’s increasing lawlessness and called for the reversal of recent soft-on-crime initiatives to stem a surge in shootings among teen gang members.Adams warned that the Big Apple was turning into a free-for-all and said that the decline needed to be nipped in the bud.This is some decidedly unfriendly commentary from the presumptive Mayor-in-waiting if you happen to be AOC or any of the progressive leaders in the Big Apple.” That’s not going to sit well with progressive Democrats in the Big Apple who want to push for restrictions on the rights of lawful gun owners while ignoring the gang violence problems and the issue of illegal guns in the hands of felons for fear of being depicted as racist.

But Adams gave a press briefing this week with Governor Andrew Cuomo where he once again sounded more like a Republican than his actual GOP opponent in November.And on top of that, he flatly rejected the idea that he was getting the “endorsement” of Andrew Cuomo, despite the Governor’s praise of him and his candidacy.

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