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In the new year, let’s reconnect

In the new year, let’s reconnect
The other day, my 4-year-old daughter began dancing in Starbucks. She twirled and stomped and sashayed to the music (sort of) only stopping from time to time to pull up her mask. Her sister and I stared at her, laughing slightly uncomfortably — because…well, pandemic and people and her drawing attention to herself and all that.

They’ve been asked to collect themselves when they sprawled out all over the floor of a clothing store as toddlers — actually, we were asked to collect them.Let us remember we are all connected on this one screwed up, beautiful earth and let us remember how to connect.I recently happened upon a cartoon doodle where a man at the podium asks a crowd, “Who wants change?When he asks, “Who wants to change?

), how to make chit-chat with anyone serving us anything (which means we’d have to linger inside longer and speak louder, so, no), and how to lift up our eyes to watch a wacky kid prance all over Starbucks, even if only to roll those eyes.Still, this separateness feels awkward and unnatural.

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