19 Sep, 2020 21:15 am

Importance of humility

Importance of humility
In her new book, Jenny Offil writes about a family in crisis, climate change and political uncertainty

The novel, Weather by Jenny Offill, encapsulates the life of a woman who plays multiple roles in society.Jenny Offill is the author of the three acclaimed novels, Last Things, Dept of Speculation and Weather and is a prolific writer.Mythical elements also make their appearance in the novel, for example, demons that are controlled by Father Dear.In one scene Father Dear asks them about how they can be overcome.

The narrator of Weather Lizzie Benson plays the roles of a wife, mother and working woman beautifully.Offil keeps moving back and forth from one culture to another, one place to another, one region to another and signifies what made those cultures popular in the world.

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