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Ibram Kendi's take on defunding the police – HotAir

Ibram Kendi's take on defunding the police – HotAir
"I know of a lot of studies that suggest that more police presence reduces crime"

He continued: The other side of this question becomes, what is the cause of crime?And some people have believed that the cause of crime, particularly the cause of crime in Black neighborhoods, are those Black people.And if that’s the case, then it makes sense that you need police, well-funded police, who can basically control those animals because they’re the cause of the crime.Let’s say that’s a cause of the crime.

Let’s say the cause of the crime is the amount of guns that are circulating throughout this nation.Now obviously, police unions are primarily making the case that crime levels are directly relative to the amount of funding police receive and the number of police receives.

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