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‘I’m ready to play Zim music in the UK’

‘I’m ready to play Zim music in the UK’
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Patrick Denny was the face of the radio station which collaborated with Kay Media, Script and Bars, the British Council, Comexposed, Khura Agency and Page Poetry Alive The first sign of the Zimbabwe-UK connection started with Denny and award-winning local musician Novuyo Seagirl hinting at a collaboration.Back to the soon-coming collaboration, Denny said Bulawayo is awash with vocal talent as Novuyo Seagirl’s voice is, “warm, melodious, powerful and incredible.” “Meeting Novuyo Seagirl was a great opportunity to appreciate Zimbabwean talent personally as I’m used to hearing it back in the UK.Besides Novuyo Seagirl, Denny already knew Msiz’kay, with whom he had a virtual interaction before the exchange programme.

There might not have been a definite date as to the release of Patrick Denny and Novuyo Seagirl’s song but one thing is for sure, if Umuntu ngabantu was a taste of what is to come, then music lovers must be in for a roller coaster.Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter THE past fortnight must have been heaven-sent for creatives in Zimbabwe as they got to interact with international producer and radio personality, Patrick Denny who touched down for the four-day intercity exchange programme in Bulawayo recently.

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